Ysgol Gynradd Henllan

Cwis 2013 i Gymry Wisconsin gan blant Ysgol Henllan
Efo Atebion / With Answers

1, When did Dewi Sant die? ( 1st March  in the year 589)
2, True or false:
Mae Dewi wedi gwneud i’r ddaear godi. ( David made the ground rise ). True.
3.    Pa liwiau sydd ar faner Dewi Sant? ( Melyn a du)
4.  Beth ydy lliw crys Rygbi Cymru ? ( Coch).
5. Who or, more appropriately, what has a suit of White, Red and Green? ( The Urdd’s Mascot – Mr. Urdd).
6.  What is the Urdd? ( An organisation for the youth of Wales. They have three camps – one in Glanllyn, Bala another by the seaside in Llangrannog , South Wales and a new one in Cardiff Bay. Children and youg people stay there, take part in activities through the medium. of Welsh. We are going for two nights to Glanllyn next week! )
7.  Pwy oedd Santes Dwynwen? ( The Welsh patron saint of lovers)
8.  Beth oedd tad Dwynwen ddim yn hoffi? ( Maelon – cariad Dwynwen- Dwynwen’s lover)
9. Describe the shape of a Welsh rugby ball. ( An oval ball)
10.  How many primary schools are there in Cardiff ? ( 83)
11.  How many secondary schools are there in Cardiff? ( 20).
12 Who is Ryan Giggs ( a footballer from Wales, played for Wales but still playing for Manchester United)
.13.  Beth ydy oed Ryan Giggs ( Hen – i chwarae peldroed yn broffesiynol , 39)
14  Where does Ryan Giggs come from? ( Cardiff)
15.  Who is Dai Greene ? ( An Olympic hurdler )
16.  Where does Dai Greene hail from ? ( Felion Foel , Llanelli).
17.  Nicole Dennise Cook from Swansea won a Gold Medal in the Beijing Olympics . What for ? ( Biking).
18.  Jade Jones from Flint won Gold in the London Olympics 2012. What for ?  Taekwondo.
19.  Who is Charlotte Church ? ( She was a classical singer, travellling the World from the age of 12. She now sings pop etc)
20.  Where did Roald Dahl, the famous children’s author live? ( Cardiff).
21.  Roald Dahl’s family were from which Northern European  country ( Norway).
22.  Where is the beautiful Nordic church which Roald Dahl used to frequent ? ( Cardiff Bay). We saw it last year when we went to the Urdd’s camp in Cardiff Bay.
23.  Where was the Ryder Cup Competition held in 2010 an it rained and rained and rained… (The Celtic Manor Hotel,  Newport , Gwent )
24.  In which famous   children/teenagers film did Steffan Rhodri act? ( Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1)

Ques.3 flag_StDavid  Ques. 4 WRUshirt  Ques. 7 StDwynwen  Ques. 12 ryan_giggs
(Pictures for Ques. 3, 7, and 12 from Wikipedia.)

   CWIS 2014
Cambrian Heritage Society of Madison, WI

Correct answers are shown in red.

More than oneForming plurals in Welsh is more complicated than in English because there are many forms.  Choose the correct plural of each word below.

  1.  Cath (cat)

    2.   cathion
    3.  cathod
    4.  Catiadau

2.   Dyn (man)

  1.  dynion
  2.  dynwod
  3.  dyniadau
  4.  Dŵn

3.   Plentyn (child)

  1.  plentynnau
  2.  plentinion
  3.  plentaidd
  4.  Plant

4.   Chwaer (sister)

  1.  chwaerau
  2.  chwiorydd
  3.  chwaraeon
  4.  chwerod

5. Castell (castle)
       a. castellau
       b. castellion
       c. cestelydd
d. cestyll

And speaking of castles

6.  Which Welsh castle houses the museum of the Royal Welch Fusiliers?

  1.  Castell Conwy
  2.  Castell Caernarfon
  3.  Castell Beaumaris
  4.  Castell Harlech

7.  Which castle is located on Anglesey and is surrounded by a moat with a population of lovely but aggressive swans?

  1. Castell Conwy
  2. Castell Caernarfon
  3. Castell Harlech
  4. Castell Beaumaris

8.  Built by Edward I, this castle was captured by Owain Glyndwr and became his stronghold.

  1. Castell Conwy
  2. Castell Caernarfon
  3. Castell Harlech
  4. Castell Beaumaris

9.  Which castle has been used for investiture ceremonies for princes of Wales?

  1. Castell Conwy
  2. Castell Caernarfon
  3. Castell Harlech
  4. Castell Beaumaris

10.  Which castle lies very close to the railway line on the North Wales coast, making tourist visits to it especially easy?

  1. Castell Conwy
  2. Castell Caernarfon
  3. Castell Harlech
  4. Castell Beaumaris

Chwaraeon Cymreig:

11.  Dechreuodd yr Undeb Rygbi Cymru tua

  1.  1800
  2.  1840
  3.  1880
  4.  1920

12.  Roedd _____________ yn helpu dechrau’r Undeb Rygbi Cymru.

  1.  Ian Evans
  2.  Ben Davies
  3.  Hugh Morris
  4.  Richard Mullock

13.   Mae _____________ yn chwarae rygbi.

  1. Ian Evans
  2. Ben Davies
  3. Hugh Morris
  4. Richard Mullock

14.   Mae _____________ yn chwarae pêl-droed.

  1.  Ian Evans
  2.  Ben Davies
  3.  Hugh Morris
  4.  Richard Mullock

15.  Roedd ___________ yn chwarae criced.

  1.  Ian Evans
  2.  Ben Davies
  3.  Hugh Morris
  4.  Richard Mullock

Familiar lyrics:  Match the familiar hymn, folk song, etc. to the lyric phrase from it.

16.  Cwm Rhondda _d.  Diolch iddo, diolch iddo

17.  Ar Hyd y Nos   f.  Golau arall yw tywyllwch

18.  Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau  e.  O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau

19.  Aberystwyth    b.  Iesu, cyfaill f’enaid i

20.  Rachie     a.  Dan Ei faner Ef

21.  Sosban Fach   c.  Dafydd y gwas ddim yn iach

22.  March 1 is celebrated as Saint David’s Day because, according to legend and/or history, Saint David
 a.  was born on that date.
b.  died on that date.
c.  performed his first miracle on that date.
d.  founded his monastery on that date.

23. What beverage is associated with Saint David?

  1.   beer
  2.   mead
  3.   water
  4.    wine

24.  Which Welsh scientist would be most closely associated with the recent verification of the Higgs boson because of his work with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN?

     a. Huw Dixon

     b. Lyn Evans (“Evans the Atom)”

     c. Alwyn Jones

     d. Eifion Jones


25. Now, test yourself:  Make up and correctly answer a question of your own design, one that shows your knowledge of some Welsh subject.  Share the question with others.


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