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Special Cake Created** to Celebrate Dylan Thomas
at the Cambrian Heritage November 1 Meeting

On November 1, 2014, Cambrian Heritage Society marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of famous Anglo-Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas (born on October 27, 1914) with a presentation about his life by Nancy Griffith Priegel and a presentation about his poetry and photo  tour of familiar places in Thomas’s life by Lincoln Jones Hartford.  Lincoln attended the International Summer School program focused on Dylan Thomas that was held at the University of Wales  and is described below.  (reference:  http://www.wales.ac.uk/en/NewsandEvents/News/General/The-2014-Dylan-Thomas-International-Summer-School.aspx )


In May/June 2014, a two-week residential summer school for international students was organised by Dr Menna Elfyn.     

      With two weeks of lectures, events and excursions dedicated to his life & work, patrons  celebrated the centenary of Dylan Thomas’ birth and experienced the splendour of West Wales, fully absorbing Dylan’s world.      

      As well as Director of Creative Writing at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s (UWTSD) Lampeter and Carmarthen campuses, Menna is an award-winning poet and playwright who is the author of over twenty books and whose work has been translated into twenty languages.    

      Focusing exclusively on the legacy of Dylan Thomas as a catalyst for creative writing, a number of internationally renowned writers gave lectures, workshops and master classes in Lampeter and Swansea, and  visits were arranged to all of the significant locations associated with Dylan.    

      With two different accommodation packages, Patrons were based at the University’s Lampeter Campus. Set at the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains in the county of Ceredigion, Lampeter is a lively, historic market town and the Campus itself is situated on one of the town’s main thoroughfares.    

      The Summer school described above ran from Sunday the 25th May to Saturday the 7th June 2014.   Dr. Elfyn is hoping to offer similar summer school programs in the future

Two of the places Lincoln visited during the Summer School  are pictured*** below:

NewQuay                        DTWritingShed

New Quay                                                                           Dylan Thomas Writing Shed at his home at Laugharne

Lincoln provided the following list of references to Dylan Thomas’s life and works:


The Poems of Dylan Thomas
Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Daniel Jones

A New Directions Book 

The World of Dylan Thomas by Peter Stevenson
a Pitkin Guide, available by mail order:   thehistorypress.co.uk,
Email:  sales@thehistorypress.co.uk 
paperback pook includes clever drawings for illustration.  
The work is a geographical/historical and literary odyssey. 

Dylan Thomas: portrait of the artist as a young dog
short stories by Thomas, mostly based on his childhood experience;

imaginative prose.  A New Directions Paperback 

Dylan Thomas Collected Poems;
Introduction by Paul Muldoon; edited by Muldoon

New Directions Book 1952
includes an essay on “Dylan and Delayment”, an explication
of Thomas’ central writing technique;   also a rich poetic prologue by Thomas 

Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas; a play for voices
A New Directions Paperback
Intro and editing by Daniel Jones; 1953 

A Child’s Christmas in Wales
Dylan thomas, author; Fritz Eichenberg, illustrator

A New Directions Book 1954 

Most of  these works are available at Amazon.com.  Lincoln can provide background information about them.  Contact him at lincolnhartford@gmail.com .

Dylan Thomas at the BBC
Dylan Thomas:   The Caedman Collection; 
includes Richard Burton :  “Under Milk Wood”
The Essential Dylan Thomas  (Naxos, 2005)

www.dylanthomas.com ,
www.dylanthomasboathouse.com ,
dylanthomas100.org  ,
UTUBE.COM :  Interviews with Caitlin,  Archbishop Rowan Williams , and  Presidents Jimmie Carter and Bill Clinton

Lincoln provided detailed commentary on several Dylan Thomas works.  For example, He discussed “Quite Early One Morning” and provided the following background.  This information is on Wes Jones’ home page; it is the first reference
Google offers for the title.

  “Quite Early One Morning” is a fine separate poetic short story that is the basis of the reader’s theatre play, “Under Milkwood”, which was composed with the radio in mind.   But of course we have the screen play and the movie based on this play.   The first paragraph of  “Quite Early”   is a great example of Thomas’ lively descriptive writing,   that pulls you in to the story to follow.   It was a handout in my class in Wales: 

Quite early one morning in the winter in Wales, by the sea that was lying down still and green as grass after a night of tar-black howling and rolling,  I went out of the house, …..to see if it was raining still, if the outhouse had been blown away, potatoes, shears, rat-killer, shrimp-nets, and tins of rusty nails aloft on the wind, and if all the cliffs were left.    It had been such a ferocious night that someone in a smoky ship-pictured bar had said he could feel his tombstone shaking even though he was not dead….but the morning shone as clear and calm as one always imagines tomorrow will shine. 

This description indicates the town of New Quay,(shown in a photo above), because it speaks of the cliffs, which are characteristic of this town.  For the entire text, go to http://www.wesjones.com/dylan.htm .

Here is a link to a recording of Dylan Thomas reading “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-12-24/christmas-classic-dylan-thomas-set-music 



**Cake created at the bakery at Poynette Piggly Wiggly, Poynette, WI.
***Photos of New Quay and writing shed at Laugharne by Lincoln Hartford.